Helping veterans learn about the American Legion

Sudden Industries helps the American Legion teach members about its visionary legacy and current services through a new self-paced online course

The Story

The American Legion is the largest veteran’s service organization in the US. It has a long history of service dating back to its inception after World War I and continues to provide support for veterans across the country today. The Legion offers an online course to all of its members to impart the dense history of the organization as well as to ensure a baseline of knowledge surrounding the wide-variety of services that are offered, from health benefits to college tuition and family support. The Legion is launching a large-scale 100 year anniversay celebration in 2019, and this course is an important part of fortifying the baseline knowledge about the Legion. Sudden was asked to help organize the information, update the UX/UI for a broader and more tech-savvy audience, provide evaluation and progress tools, and create an architecture that would allow the Legion to expand upon the course as programs and services develop.


The American Legion


Information Architecture, UX/UI, evaluation tools, Front-end development

The Challenge

  • Creating an engaging, responsive UX/UI for a primarily text and video-based course targeted at all veterans, young and old.
  • Creating intuitive course navigation and progress indicatation so that users can ‘pick-up-where-they-left-off'.
  • Creating evaluation tools that test knowledge and encourage learning without penalizing wrong answers.
  • Creating an infrastructure that would allow various internal stakeholders to create a unified course and the ability to grow that course over time.
  • Designing the course to integrate tightly with the suite of web tools that the Legion employs to run all of their online products.

Our Solution

Sudden worked closely with the Legion to create 'Basic Training' as the premier online course for the Legion's online Education Institute. Using a non-linear, module-based approach, a course architecture was developed that would allow topics to be created and developed individually. The self-guided nature of the experience allows users to prioritize the information the way they'd like to learn while providing indicators of their progress through each section. At the end of each self-paced module is a short evaluation using multiple choice and true/false questions. To maintain continuous engagement throughout the course, incorrect answers within these evaluations trigger correct information so as not to slow down or discourage users. At the end of the course, however, there is a final exam that keeps track of right and wrong answers and a passing grade is required to finished the course.

The Results

'Basic Training' has already had an overwhelmingly positive response:

  • Exceding expectations, over 3200+ people have signed up for the course since its launch.
  • Basic Training has inspired the American Legion to begin developing more online courses.
  • As the Legion prepares for its 100 year Centennial Celebration, 'Basic Training' has proven to be a valuable asset.

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