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Sudden Industries helps the American Legion, the world’s largest veteran’s organization, connect and deliver to a new audience through digital media.

The Story

The American Legion had historically communicated to its membership and to the world at large through the platforms of print, television, direct mail and events, with very little focus given to digital communication channels. But as new veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars began filling their membership ranks, it became important to connect with them on the platforms that they were more accustomed to using, including web, mobile and apps. The Legion’s Media and Marketing Division covered a wide range of responsibilities including not only its widely popular print magazine, but also video programming, daily news, social media, and the marketing and promotion of its many veteran transitional services including, career help, financial, family support and education. A critical factor was finding ways to translate this wide range of media effectively through its digital channels.


The American Legion


Content Strategy, Competitive Analysis, Digital Roadmap, Product Ideation, User Experience and Interaction Design, Art Direction, Responsive Web Design & Development, App Development, Focus Group Testing


2016 - Best Military Mobile Website - Mobile Web Awards

The Challenge

  • Finding new ways to organize and digitally deliver Legion messaging so that it was easier to find and provided the most value to members
  • Creating engaging user experiences that converted new veterans into new members and donors to the Legion
  • Organizing and prioritizing the needs and interests of multiple organization stakeholders in order to best support the Legion’s mission and realize its business goals
  • Finding digital solutions within legacy systems (both organizational and technological) that would leverage the best of what the Legion had to offer while still being sustainable and manageable within their current structure

Our Solution

With little or no digital footprint, the Legion worked with Sudden from the ground up to create a Digital Roadmap that included a complete mobile-first web site redesign and a mobile app strategy to accommodate their multiple divisions. Having brought organization stakeholders together to help build the Roadmap, Sudden’s next step was to translate the Legion’s mission and the business goals of its many services so that their value to veterans was better delivered digitally through web and mobile. These initiatives included membership, fundraising, merchandising, program participation and assistance. A good example of this new strategy was Sudden’s design and development of the Claims Coach app which in the wake of deficiencies at the VA, proved to be a big aid to veterans who were looking to get more information about their claims.

The Results

Sudden’s digital work with the Legion succeeded in several key areas, including:

  • In less than 10 years, is now the #1 destination for veteran news and services, surpassing the sites for VFW and the Iraq, Wounded Warriors and Afghanistan Veterans Assn (IAVA).
  • has become a major promotion and conversion platform for new memberships, membership renewals and donations.
  • has also become a major factor in the online sales growth of its ecommerce division, Emblem Sales
  • The Claims Coach app earned the Legion national attention for its proactive efforts in supporting the rights of veterans and their disability claims

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