Cat in the Hat: Arcade Escapade

Sudden Industries helps Random House Children's Books and PBS KIDS create a new Dr. Seuss world for kids to explore physics

The Story

The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That is an Emmy Award winning PBS KIDS series inspired by the Dr. Seuss Learning Library books series published by Random House Children’s Books. Starring Martin Short as the voice of the Cat, the animated TV series is designed to spark a love of learning and an interest in science inquiry and engineering for preschool-aged children. Working with PBS KIDS, Random House asked Sudden Industries to develop a new game that introduces children (ages 3-5) to basic physics principals and incorporates characters from The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That.


Random House Children's Books

PBS Kids


HTML5 Game Design, User Experience and Interaction Design, Art Direction, Animation


2019 - Communicator Award for Excellence for Games & Apps for Branded Content category

The Challenge

  • Developing game concepts around a story that engages preschoolers in science inquiry and physical science concepts in an appropriate and fun manner and that stays ‘on-brand’ in a very Seussian way.
  • Providing a seamless user experience that ties together 3 different physical science topics.
  • Designing user interfaces that are fun, easy to learn, and allow for positive exploration and experimentation in finding solutions to the presented situations.
  • Providing in-game leveling that follows a natural and pedagogically sound progression through each topic.
  • Developing a reward system that encourages replay.
  • Managing a team of creative, technology, pedagogy, and brand experts for a project that leverages one of the most iconic brands in children’s books and television.

Our Solution

  • Sudden created 'Arcade Escapade', a virtual carnival mid-way that provides a common point of entry and cohesive, non-linear storytelling element for 3 different physics games
  • Slammer-Hammer: A Seuss-ified version of the classic 'swing-the-hammer-ring-the-bell' carnival game that explores forces and motion and simple machines with different size hammers and fun bells to ring - including a cow bell, a spring, and a gong.
  • Bumper Thumper: A combination billiards and bumper-car game that uses angles, forces and motion to explore action and reaction with added challenges of bumping cars intentionally into other cars.
  • Toss Boss: A 'knock-em-over' toss game that allows for the exploration of the effects of weight and forces with fun, everyday objects that include knocking down a house-of-cards, paper caps, and flower pots.
  • Sudden developed a simple reward system that provided users with a 'carnival-ticket' after each correct answer that was automatically redeemed for a surprise reward gift at the completion of each carnival game.

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The Results

  • Arcade Escapade was in the top 10 games of the PBS KIDS Games app within its launch month (Nov’ 18).
  • Arcade Escapade won the 2019 Communicator Award for Excellence for Games & Apps for Branded Content category.

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