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Sudden Industries helps NCTA educate families about TV and film ratings, and TV parental controls, with the new mobile application, TV Boss

The Story

In the wake of ongoing concerns regarding the portrayal of violence and other content in today's media, the National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA), in partnership with with the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) and other media organizations, wanted to raise public awareness of media responsibility with a campaign that promoted the TV and Film Ratings system and the capabilities of TV Parental controls.

The campaign’s goal was to educate families about the TV and film ratings systems and to help them better understand the impact of the media they watch. A critical factor in this campaign was to use mobile as a primary tool to communicate that story.


National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA)


Content Strategy, Product Ideation, User Experience & Interaction Design, Art Direction, App Development


Communicator Award: Best Entertainment Mobile App

The Challenge

  • Finding and telling an interesting story inside of dry, technical content
  • Using a simple mobile app to help an organization better communicate its mission on Capitol Hill and among policy makers
  • Explaining a media rating system that is complex and challenging for some
  • Creating a user experience that is compelling, friendly and informative

Our Solution

With over 75% of TV watchers now using a second screen while watching TV, and 1 in 4 online searches conducted on mobile devices (Source: WebDam Solutions, 11/13) Sudden realized a mobile app would provide a much better platform for educating the general public than a standard desktop experience.

Whether a parent was looking for rating appropriate entertainment or a better way to program the Parental Controls on their set-top box, putting the information in an easy to use experience for both smartphone and tablet just made the most sense.

Also, it was critical for NCTA and its partners to be able to quickly communicate their public policy mission with an engaging mobile video experience that best told its story.

The Results

The TV Boss exceeded expectations in several critical areas:

  • First, TV Boss successfully reached its intended audience of families and the family media reviewers. Though "discoverability" of the app was initially raised through a high public awareness campaign, the app continues to deliver high numbers of downloads, proving that there is a need in the marketplace for this information and the app delivers on its original promise.
  • NCTA and its partners have been able to use the TV Boss app to successfully raise awareness and support on Capitol Hill for their media responsibility efforts.
  • The initial success of the TV Boss campaign has convinced NCTA to expand the content and functionality in the app to meet the growing need for this type of media education.

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