Three ways we help you tell your story

Strategy & Planning






Strategy: What's your story?

Sudden's strategic services will help you define your brand story, your audience and the digital products that will connect them.

In Depth:

We know you have a great story to tell, but you don't quite know where to start. That's where we come in. We get to know your brand and the people your brand needs to connect with.

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    Competitive Analysis
    Where does your brand stand in the marketplace? What can you learn from the successes and failures of your competitors?
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    User Stories and Personas
    Who is your audience and how are they going to interact with you? Where will they find you and what will they expect to find when they do?
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    Content & Social Media Strategy
    You have great content, but what makes it unique? How can you stand out and tell stories that everyone will remember?
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    Product Ideation
    What is the right digital product for your story? A website? An app? A Game? A Video? VR/AR? The answer isn't always obvious.
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    Digital Roadmap
    How far ahead do you plan when thinking about your digital future? Do you have a roadmap of where you want your company to go?

Creative: Are you experienced?

Sudden's creative services will help deliver your brand's story to your audience through a combination of engaging digital experiences.

In Depth:

Let us help you tell a story that will grab people's attention. We create digital experiences that are memorable, beautiful, and deliver the story your brand needs to tell.

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    User Experience and Interaction Design
    How are you going to engage your audience if the experience you deliver is not easy to understand or use?
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    Original Content
    Is your story strong enough to deliver the full impact of what you need to say? Would original content make your story more memorable?
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    Art Direction
    How does your story stand out in a crowd? Do you need help visualizing the essence of your brand?
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    Usability & Focus Group Testing
    How can you be sure that your best ideas resonate with your audience? Is your digital experience as easy to use as you think it is?
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    Game Design
    Did you know your story's brand recognition, educational value and social awareness could be better delivered through gaming?
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    When is animation and digital video the best tool for delivering your story?

Technology: Still no flying cars

Sudden's technology services offer a wide range of solutions, and if we build it we want to make sure that it's solid, tested and reliable. We're old school that way.

In Depth:

We are technology agnostic, open-source friendly and able to deliver stable, tested, technology solutions that work across all platforms and devices, including desktop and mobile.

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    How many times have you released a product and wished you'd developed a prototype beforehand to work out the kinks?
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    Responsive/Mobile Web Development
    What type of device do you think you're audience is using to find you? Doesn't your brand story deserve to be effective on all of them?
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    HTML5 and App Game Development
    Do you want your digital product developed as a web application or an app? Or both? Let us help you figure out the best technology approach.
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    Kiosk Development
    Do you need to bring your message to a stand-alone digital experience for libraries, museums or retail?
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    Updates & Maintenance
    What do you do once you've launched your digital product? Will you need help maintaining it or updating it for future releases?
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    Augmented and Virtual Reality
    Have you considered how your brand story can be extended using the new opportunities available in virtual and augmented reality?

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